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Welcome To The Official Eat The Doughnut Website!

This is a website open to all where you can learn about "Eat The Doughnut", the fantasy platformer video game idea created by Dax Lopez! Here is what you should expect from this site:

Now enjoy, and thank you for visiting this website!

 About The Creator

Dax Lopez

Chief Creative Officer

Dax Lopez is a video game developer, aspiring film maker and also a character designer. His trademarked company is called RedShark Studios. Dax Lopez is responsible for all articles, stories, characters, ect. he founded this wkipedia page and made the following articles.

To contact Dax Lopez, contact @RedSharkEleven@gmail.com, where you can ask questions, give suggestions, and send free art commissions! (NO SCAMMERS ALLOWED!)

REDSHARK Studios has been trademarked by Dax Lopez.

Eat The Doughnut and it's characters have been trademarked by Dax Lopez


To the friends, family, and all people who visited this website, I am very thankful for all the support and attention that this website has gained in the past year. This project has become HUGE and now that it is summer, I can finally start my epic career. I hope all the visitors of this website have a happy Summer and have tons of fun at the beach while schools out!


Maybe "100%" Is Kinda An Exaggeration, But You Get My Point. Nothing Too Violent.

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